The core mission of The San Juan Hill Club is to help Black and Hispanic communities achieve Generational Wealth and Economic Self-sufficiency in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut with activities that build:

1 - Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

Social events that help to establish a foundation of mutual trust, unity of purpose and love of community.

2 - Group Economics.

Increase Black and Hispanic ownership of multi-family housing via SEC Regulation A+ Tier II crowdfund.

3 - Economic Justice.

STOP the economic injustice of the City of New York in 2019 with a population that is 53% Black and Hispanic, spending 95% of $21 billion in goods and services with vendors owned by White males (source: Office of NYC Controller Scott Stringer).

Membership Information

The club will be located within a commercial loft space below 96th Street in Manhattan with a liquor license.

Only 100 founding memberships will be available at $5,000.

Founding Members will NOT pay membership fees for the term of the 10-year rental lease of the club.

Non-Founding Members will pay a membership fee of $5,000 per year.

The membership of The San Juan Hill Club will be comprised of men and women from a mix of professions: real estate, finance, legal, medical, technology, media, entertainment, government, education, non-profit, religious, etc.

The San Juan Hill Club was named after San Juan Hill, an African American and Hispanic community on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that was demolished in the 1950s to make way for Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (New York Times: How Lincoln Center Was Built - It Wasn’t Pretty).

For membership information, contact Thomas Lopez-Pierre: info@harlemrealestatefund.

Doors Open 2020 - Membership Open To ALL!